To be New Famous means that you are recognized by others as an individual who stands in their own lane unafraid to differ from societal expectations, to be New Famous one must consistently want to grow and face their own shadow and weaknesses, New Fame is the death of celebrity, the rise of the conscious soul who realizes and understands that we are only blessed to bless others not to make us feel better or more important than anyone else. New Fame is the idea that we can all help ease each other from the gross mutation of ego by being a bit more humble to our own imperfections because that is the true human experience. 

New Fame - > Adrienne Mack-Davis feleciacruz.  
The duo have spent the last four and a half years traveling the world living a life of shows, service and self-development. In early 2016 they based themselves in South East Asia to pursue an alternative path. Now, with over eight hundred performances and fifty workshops in seven countries and countless cities/states the ladies have finally found their DJ. Skulz is from Saigon, Vietnam and has an incredible ear for genre blending. His virtue, unsurpassed work ethic and enthusiasm in every moment made him an instant part of the team. This entire year the three have been working together creating a show and sound that weaves in and out of freestyles, DJ sets and original music by songstress Adrienne Mack-Davis backed by feleciacruz. Always pushing a positive message throughout a combination of hard hitting hip-hop, dance, trap, reggae and dancehall tunes these three high energy artists are sure to leave you feeling like you can fly and wanting more! New Fame has recently inked a deal with 208 Entertainment and SMART in Cambodia and Piu Piu Records in Vietnam, this will insure the busiest and best year yet. You can c atch them all over Asia and in the USA for a March and April 40 date coast to coast tour including an official SXSW 2017 showcase in Austin Texas.